Elegant Dining Room Design for a professional athlete

Stan & Andrea Mussman were asked to update to this Elegant Dining Room Design for a professional athlete.

A.S. wanted a Chicago style gentleman’s men club kind of home, a place where he could relax with his buddies and smoke cigars, have a drink, and visit.  He didn’t care for the pastel paint colors on the walls, or the crown molding and the casing around the windows throughout the house.  Such an unusual request, since nearly everyone else wants crown added.   So………………..we removed all the crown throughout the house except in this one room-the dining room, which is shown in this blog.

Okay.  Now what?  We decided to paint the walls in very dark hues from the Benjamin Moore Aura collection.  We painted the crown and casing around the French door the same dark color.

Our inspiration for this room was this really great chandelier, which we had been eying for some time, just waiting for the right room.  Next, we choose this celestial wall paper imported from England, which works really well with the chandelier and planetaryesque metal wall sculpture and wall sconces.  It’s a really powerful statement in the room, don’t you think?   Why hang around this planet when you can sit in your dining room with your buddies and transcend space into other galaxies?

Next, we chose 2 identical silver leafed resin sequoia root table bases, and installed a bronze colored glass table top.  The chairs are custom, with a bomber jacket kind of  leather on the host and hostess chairs, and a metallic reptilian leather for the side chairs.

The best part of this project had to be the clients genuine smile of approval. We did several rooms in his home, but this elegant dining room design is clearly his favorite!  Go ‘9ers!!